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Have a question for me? Feel free to fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible, or email me at rebecca@rebeccawisephotography.com. If you are ready to book a session follow the link below to see when I am available!


Most shoots occur in the morning to midmorning hours, with a limited amount of evening/afternoon shoots available upon request.

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What should I expect at a session with Rebecca?

A photograph is a visual representation of a memory, therefore a photo session should be a fun relaxing (hopefully) time with your family. When you look back on your photos you want to remember what a good time you had, and not remember stress or frustration. Come to the shoot prepared to have fun, laugh, make memories, and don't sweat the small stuff! That being said there are a few things you can do to prepare that will help your session go off without a hitch.

Prepare your family ahead of time.

Children (and even adults) do better when their expectations are clear. Let your family know they are going to a photo shoot, that it will be fairly quick and easy, and most of all fun. Let your family members know that the shoot will last up to an hour, and feel free to inform me if anyone needs to leave early for any reason. I am used to working around school and work schedules! Bring along toys that you don't mind showing up in photos (think rattles, classic wooden trains, footballs for older children, favorite memorable stuffed animals or blankets, etc). Be prepared to bribe small children with treats, and bring treats for breaks that are not too messy (gummies, goldfish, puffs). Don't bring anything that you wouldn't want to show up in the image, because they will inevitably find it and refuse to let go! Talk about the shoot with your children before hand, and then once they meet me I will take a few minutes to let them warm up to me and we should have no trouble getting along! Children pick up on our stress, so if you are anxious, they will be too. My shoots are a combination of poses and play; you will not be sitting and smiling the whole time- in fact I hope it is the opposite. The best shots are captured when you interact with each other.

Be intentional with your outfit choices.

My number one rule is, if its sentimental and you want it photographed, wear it. Other than that, think about wearing solid colors or small patterns (ginghams, checks, etc) and try to color coordinate or blend together, but don't be identical. You want your images to reflect your personality and we aren't all the exact same! White's tend to reflect light, but sometimes there is no way around that (i.e baptism gowns), so don't worry too much about wearing white, but know that in sunlight white fabric tends to lose details in the final images. When in doubt, look on my instagram account for ideas from past shoots.

Location, Location, Location!

With a full session you get to pick your location. Think about places where you are comfortable! Small children do better in their own homes or playgrounds where they are familiar. Green spaces are wonderful as well and provide many options for different poses and lighting. I've photographed families in their churches, neighborhoods, golf courses and places around Birmingham such as Cobb Lane, Railroad Park, Vulcan and more. The options are endless in our great city, just remember that even the perfect location will not work if your family is not comfortable there. With outdoor locations, we will reschedule if weather does not cooperate. I usually email my clients a few days before, but you can always contact me if you are unsure.

Bring your ideas.

I love ideas and inspiration! Have an image you love from pinterest? Bring it! If I can't replicate it I will tell you. Creativity flows when we work together, and I am always game to try new things.

Sit back and relax!

Once you arrive at the shoot your only job is to have fun and love each other. I will do the rest. I'm looking forward to being with you and your family!

What happens after the shoot?

I spend the next 2-3 weeks hand editing each of your precious photos. I then load them into an online gallery for your viewing, downloading and purchasing pleasure. The whole process takes multiple hours and lots of attention to detail. While I am editing I may post a few images to my instagram account or my website, so please let me know if this is not something you are comfortable with. I am very understanding and happy to keep your precious cargo off the world wide web, however online marketing and word of mouth are my only means of advertising so please spread the word if you like what you see! Once your images are ready you will receive an email from me with the details of how to access your gallery. Your payment is due before you can receive your gallery, but I am flexible in the manner that you pay. Your gallery is available for one year from the date of your shoot, so don't forget to download those pictures and remember to back them up! I am happy to answer questions, and if necessary make an occasional change to an image for a specific need that you have, but please keep your edit requests to a minimum and enjoy those precious memories! *If you have more than one editing or retouching request you can purchase the retouching package and we will work together to head swap, retouch and refine 10 images of your choice!


The most frequent questions I get involve rescheduling. I do reschedule for intense weather (rain, snow, high wind) that interferes with outdoor shoots. I also reschedule for sickness. It’s always better to take photos when your children are feeling their best. That being said, rescheduling is not desirable in busy seasons like fall and spring, so I cannot reschedule for minor illnesses (runny noses, etc) or iffy weather days. Please contact me as soon as you can if you know you need to reschedule- I like to be flexible but I cannot always guarantee availability for rescheduling. Feel free to reach out with other questions as well!